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10 Mar 2011

Tour 2011-"Star clowns Gaston & Roli!"
The premiere of 2011 will take place on the 12th March 2011 in Frick - Switzerland.

This year we may welcome two familiar faces of the Swiss circus landscape with pride in our arena: Gaston & Roli! So is the upcoming season under the motto: "Star clowns Gaston & Roli!" Certainly, they will bring you to laugh! A further highlight in the high-quality program is the courageous troupe "Los Talento Star" from Colombia. On the wheel of death, they show their hair-raising performance.
For nearly 20 years for the first time in a Swiss circus is also the so-called death ball: in the 5-M 2-ton ball, up to 4 artists with their motorcycles are reckless cascading through the metal globe.


Tour 2011 Switzerland