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30 Aug 2011

The 27th World Christmas Circus at Carré Amsterdam.

For this program are the very best artists from the international circus world United which no fewer than three Golden Clown winners. Given the Golden Clown at the International Circus festival of Monte Carlo is the Oscar of the Circus world.
Bello Nock won this "Oscar" this year at the circus festival of Monte Carlo. He is therefore a living Golden Clown in this programme. Bello is next to Charlie Rivel (1974), Popov (1981), David Larible (1999) the fourth clown in 33 years in Monte Carlo circus won the highest award of the world. Bello made his debut in the World three years ago Carré Christmas circus after he had been eight years the big star in The Greatest Show on Earth Barnum And Bailey. A show for the first time, was called to a clown "Bellobration".

Despite his worldwide success in America where he performed in stadiums of more than 120,000 people remained Bello Nock still longing for the intimacy and the grandeur of, as he calls it, "the Circus Palace Carré". Bello will now with some spectacular clowns entrances the public in his ban. Bello is not only a clown in optima forma but also a devil's artist, tightrope Walker and a daredevil, which as recently hanging on a helicopter to perform a trapezeact above the statue of New York. He will now shine In Carré even on the wheel of death.

In addition to Bello Nock Carré proudly presents the World a second Golden Clown winner, the best world Tamer Martin Lacey! He won the highest award in 2010. Martin is the star Tamer of circus Krone but looks forward to the Christmas period in Carré. "I will come this time with the biggest cage act in the world with sixteen lions to Carré," said Martin that day and night to find his lions and is always of a very large open-air takes care of the animals that jungle style is decorated.

Awarded with a golden Clown is also the great flying trapeze of the National Circus of Pyongyang North Korea, set to be the world champions of air numbers! The World Christmas circus is always a combination of the good classic circus and the new more theatrical circus. Canadian Valérie Inertia won the Silver Clown at Monte Carlo in January for her "ring number" a poetic mix of ballet and acrobatics that the spoiled audience in Monaco.

Poetry and performance is also the Canadian Dominique Lacasse with his beautiful award-winning mast number. Strength, power, virtuosity, the Silver Clown winner Encho with the best hand balancing number in the world. That's circus in optima forma.

Spectacular, action by the Group pêrchenummer with the best in the world Sarach from Moscow to which high in the nok balances on the rods! Circus as a poem is the beautiful diabolo number of the large Chinese State circus and full speed are the Fiery Cossack exercise on their horses special horses acts.

Classic circus from Russia, which offers as a Eliza spitzen classic ballerina dances on the high wire. It is a poem that evokes nostalgic thoughts to circus as Oscar Carré. For tempo and humor, the Swedish juggler new style John Welton and Desire of Flight shows that air numbers next to excitement and sensation also beauty.

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