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30 Mar 2011

For the first time after five years circus Krone will be perform again with his gigantic tent circus at the Munich Theresienwiese - and with a world premiere: "Celebration". Because many Munich connect the circus Krone in particular to the circus Krone building,built 90 years ago for the first time, is now once again shows that the circus also has a tent.

The tent of Krone represents the largest, most modern and most expensive tent of the present. The well over one million euro expensive custom made with a diameter of 48 x 64 m and a height of 16 m is almost the size of a football field and holds 4,500spectators.

Already on Monday, 28 March began a "previous command", to put the four huge main masts, to anchor, and after a "general staff plan' to measure the entire area.

Tour 2011
Production "Celebration"
M√ľnich - Germany