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9 Sep 2011

Munich - the White Lion King Tonga (8) is the big attraction in the circus Krone. Now the mighty animal became a father. The mini Tonga is the world's first White Lion next generation in a circus.

Thus fulfilled a big wish of Director Christel Sembach-Krone. "We are entered in December the international breeding program and got two lionesses", so marketing chief Frank Keller. With Princess (5), it has already worked out a few months later. "We are happy about this sensation!"

The 1.8 kilos heavy, 35 inches long and 18 inches high animal was born in Kiel - Germany.

Well, it is the unique Lion family. "King Tonga and Princess are next part of the show," says Keller. The mother assumed her baby. "Because it is their first offspring, she produced but not so much milk." That is why it is mini-Tonga by Tamer Martin Lacey Jr. (34) in addition with the bottle fed.

The new circus star comes at the end of the summer tour in November to Munich. "He is not released and remains part of the Crown family." The mini Lion does not yet have only a name. "That will arise at times", so Keller. "We are now overjoyed that he is alive and well."

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